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Hvad kan du se frem til af nyheder på JumpStory i foråret 2020?

Læs om 10 nye tiltag nedenfor (på engelsk) …

1. Ten million new visuals
– including photos, videos, icons, vectors and illustrations.


2. Music and soundtracks 
– helping your communication and marketing come even more to life.


3. Advanced search options
– enabling you to filter based on people, location and much more.


4. Smart integrations
– use JumpStory directly in WordPress, PowerPoint and other tools.


5. Unique AI features
– making it even easier for you to pick the images with highest impact.


6. Better photo editor
– improving your editing options in JumpStory.


7. Advanced archive
– making it possible for you to create folders, share images and more.


8. Agency features
– enabling agencies to let their users select images using their login.


9. C02 reduction tool
– helping you to reduce your carbon footprint with your visuals.


10. Bias filters
– preventing images from replicating stereotypes in gender and more.


Other ideas to how we can improve JumpStory?

Please let us know, and we will make sure to include them!

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